American Airlines


Many of us are acquainted with American Airlines as being one of the major airlines for America. This is probably the only acquaintance that we will have with its name. Today you will find that American Airlines has acquired the naming rights to an arena in downtown Dallas. This arena is called the American Airlines Center.

While the American Airlines holds the naming rights the American Airlines Center itself is owned by the city of Dallas. This entertainment venue is the home of three sports teams. These sports teams are the Dallas Stars, the Dallas Desperados and the Dallas Mavericks. In addition to being the home playing field of these three teams the American Airlines Center also plays host to other attractions.

You can enjoy concerts, hockey games, and basketball games from the different viewing stations in the arena. These seating bowls allow the many fans of these games to have a closer connection to the game and their teams. Besides having seating bowls for the many fans the American Airlines Center has other types of accommodations.

These accommodations are 143 luxury suites that can be found on the three levels of the American Airline Center. These levels are known as the Platinum level, the Flagship level and the Admiral level. Each of these levels are equipped with many amenities that the various parties who come to the Center look for.

In the Platinum level of the American Airlines Center you will be able to enjoy fine dining while you are watching the current game or events that are occurring in the Center. You can also view the spectacular sight of the downtown Dallas skyline at night.

This entire sporting complex was designed to be part of the revitalizing of downtown Dallas. The best architects and entertainers designed the American Airlines Center to showcase the best sports games and entertainment shows that the center can provide. This is highlighted by the great games and concerts that have been shown here at the American Airlines Center since the center opened in 2001.

From the very beginning the success of the American Airlines Center has been assured as it played host to concerts like Michael Flatley’s Feet of Flames tour and the Eagles concert. The center also demonstrated its ability to provide fans with great sports events like that of the World Indoor Soccer League.

The many facilities of American Airlines Center makes this the perfect to enjoy great sporting events like basketball and hockey amongst other. The next time to visit Dallas Texas you may want to head downtown and see the concerts, sports games and find dining that you can find here at the American Airlines Center.